Driving around Pico is one great scenic adventure!


The longitudinal road (EN3) is one of the most beautiful roads in Portugal and easily accessed from Miradouro Da Papalva.

In fact, when you stay at Miradouro Da Papalva, São João you are roughly half way between Madalena and Ponta De Ihla (Pico’s most westerly point.

So, we recommend breaking this drive into two days.




Drive up to EN3 directly up the hill from the guest house at Miradouro Da Papalva. Meet the major cross road you’ll encounter and then turn right to enjoy some the most amazing scenery the Island has to offer.

The drive will take you on an exhilarating route past amazing lakes, spectacular miradouros, and rolling green mountains that bow down to meet the ocean on both sides of the island.

This fabulous road trip will then enable you to return to Miradouro Da Papalva via Pico’s equally spectacular southern coastline through villages like Ribeiras Grande to enjoy a relaxing meal and a well earned beverage or two whilst taking in the views and sunset at your own private Miradouro from Miradouro Da Papalvas popular outdoor kitchen and BBQ area.




Take the same route from your guest house at Miradouro Da Papalva, but this time turn left to head East. This will take you past the inspiring Pico Mountain to Madalena.

Then head right toward St Antonio. Along the way you will discover some amazing lava formations and step back in time as you discover and explore villages steeped in the history if Pico’s wine making. You are assured a very memorable trip.


Discover the Real Pico Island For Yourself


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